Term paper writing tips and samples

Term paper writing: Things to leave out

If you want to get a high grade evaluation on your next term paper, there are some specific writing strategies to use that will help improve your writing. When it comes to academic compositions, leaving out and avoiding certain elements is actually the key to creating an all around better paper. Below we have included a list of four things to avoid when composing your term paper.

  1. Leave Out "Superfluous" Words
  2. If you remove certain words from a sentence is the meaning still clear? Basically, if you can say the same thing in fewer words, do it. Do not mess around with over descriptive words that "pad" your term paper to help to increase the word counts. Instructors, don’t like to have their time wasted, and only want to grade relevant content. Try to avoid beating around the bush and dragging things out. Get too the point.

  3. Avoid Redundancies
  4. When you write a term paper that is meant to be informative leave out redundant descriptive words that basically say the same thing. For example, icy cold blizzard, most people understand that blizzards are icy and cold, you do not need to use adjectives to describe the word. Remember there is a time and place to be over descriptive, your term paper is meant to demonstrate your understanding.

  5. Leave Out "Bad Examples"
  6. Most of the time the difference between a quality example and bad example will be obvious. When students look for evidence to defend their main points they should look for strong and specific items to include in their paper. There is nothing worse than forcing an example to "suit your thesis" if the content that you have researched doesn’t work, keep it out or replace it with a better example.

  7. Skip the "intensifiers"
  8. When people speak they naturally place emphasis on specific points by adding "intensifiers" that are meant to demonstrate the importance of a word or phrase. However terms such as major, absolutely, complete, very, or essentially are all intensifiers that you do not need to include in a fact based composition. Think of it this way, if a piece of evidence or example is being used to defend your thesis then it is already understood by the reader to be important. You do not have to place additional emphasize the importance by including these words.

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