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Where Is It Better To Look For Research Paper Ideas? 

When looking for sources on a research topic, it is difficult to pin point one actual better method of finding results than the other. There are many approaches to finding research paper ideas, each with their advantages and disadvantages. The trick to a good research paper is the use of all the resources provided effectively in a way that they complement each other.


One can consult a specialist when looking for ideas in for their research paper. Ideas can come from specialists in the subject one is researching on. If the researcher is a student, then they can consult their teacher. Look for ideas on the relevant topics of the areas of study which they are researching. The advantage of using teachers and specialists is that they can answer specific questions. Librarians are also pretty useful in research. They might not be resourceful on the specific subject, but a close relationship with the librarian might see them point the researcher in the right direction. They are not experts, but they know where to look and this can be helpful.

Academic journals

Academic journals are another great way to gather information. They often provide the most up to date information on the topics one id discussing. They give the paper a feel of professionalism and add credibility. Many universities subscribe to databases that have academic journals like JSTOR and EBSCO. Goggle scholar is another tool that can help researchers gain access to academic journals. It indicates the number of times an article is cited, giving the researcher a hint of how influential the research is. The researcher can then follow the link provided to view the article in question.


Websites also provide a lot of information on research topics. There is a lot of useful information, but anyone can put anything up on the internet so the researcher should be careful what they access and choose wisely what they use. It is important to have a general scope of the useful websites in the field of study that one is researching from. The large search engines simply provide the most popular websites and these are not always the best options.


The good old fashioned book research in the library is perhaps the best option when looking for information. Still, some books can be unreliable but it is easier to weed out the based sources when it comes to books. The best research papers will strike the perfect balance among the sources of ideas mentioned above.

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