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10 vital Ideas for a Research Paper Conclusion

Don’t ever skimp on this crucial part of your research paper! So many students make the mistake of putting all their time and energy into the body of their paper that they neglect the conclusion, one of the most important parts of the paper. Here are the 10 most important parts of the research paper conclusion:

  1. The conclusion must be a summary. That being said, don’t make it dry or boring. You don’t want it to weaken all the work you’ve done in the main body of the essay. Summaries bring out the main points. They are a reminder. Don’t rehash in detail.
  2. It’s good to restate the topic and explain why you thought it was important. This is the essential building block of your paper.
  3. It’s good to restate your thesis statement. It can be narrowed down. Many writers put their thesis statement in the italic font for emphasis.
  4. Add up your main points. Show why they were significant and relevant.
  5. If appropriate, make a call to action. Is there something your paper encouraged the readers to do? Did you attempt to change their mind about an issue?
  6. The conclusion is similar to the introduction. Synthesize the information you are presenting instead of simply repeating what you’ve already stated.
  7. Use logic in your closing statements. There should be a logical conclusion or opinion that came about as a result of your evidence.
  8. Speculate if applicable. Perhaps your research didn’t uncover a logical conclusion. In that case, speculate on one. Indicate that further research is needed to arrive at a logical conclusion.
  9. Make suggestions for the reader to think about or to pursue further if they desire. This can be related to the call of action or it can be much subtler.
  10. Bring everything full circle. Tie up all the loose ends. This is the final chance for you to impress your reader. Make sure you do it in the right way by following these guidelines.

There, now you can write a really great conclusion for your research paper! No matter what your topic is on, these 10 vital points for your conclusion will help you to finish it off properly and put the final touches on your paper. The conclusion is the last thing a person reads and has the greatest chance of being remembered.

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