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Dissertation Writing Ideas: Why Not To Use Online Help

Even though most students find online help to be of great assistance in getting ideas for their dissertation, there are some reasons why online help may not be the best choice. These are some of the reasons why you might not want to get writing ideas online:

  • You don’t know if the idea is original. Maybe it’s been given to other students as well as you. This could cause a problem for you if they publish before you do.
  • It’s hard to know if the online ideas have been researched sufficiently to see if they are viable. Maybe there’s not enough literature available for conducting a good literature review.
  • You might end up paying money for ideas you can’t use for one reason or another.
  • Maybe the ideas are old and when you start researching them you find they aren’t usable.

Dissertation writing ideas should probably come from your own methods. It really should be something you’re very interested in; otherwise you will have a difficult time putting in all the work and effort that it takes to finish the research and write the dissertation.

If you’re having difficulties coming up with ideas, here are some places you can look. Of course, remember that whatever you find you’ll have to make an original slant to it.

  • Search your textbooks for something interesting that you want to look into in more detail.
  • Ask your supervisor for ideas or for places to look for ideas.
  • Search online
  • Go to the library and start looking. Ask the librarian for assistance.
  • Go look at previously published dissertations in your field of interest and see if you can change the methodology to something unique and original.

Always do a thorough search of the literature to make sure that the dissertation idea and methodology you want to do has not been done in that way before. Your contribution must be unique to be accepted at the doctoral level.

Learn some good research skills if you haven’t already in your previous classes. It will surely benefit you now. If you need help you can look online for how to conduct research for dissertations.

Use a lot of care and thought for your dissertation idea. You must be able to plan an entire research project out of it and then do a lot of writing to pull it all together and present it. This is really the crowning finale of your academic career.

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