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How to format a Science Term Paper

It is most important that you understand the difference between MLA and APA guidelines when it comes to formatting your science term paper. Your teacher or lecturer will explain which particular set of guidelines you are to follow. The details for each set of guidelines are freely available online and your educational institution will no doubt provide you with this information as well. Remember that writing an excellent science term paper is one thing, presenting it in the correct format is another. If you write well but don't follow the format requirements you run the risk of getting a poor score. Get the writing right and get the format right as well.

The things you need to consider as follows.

  • paper size
  • paper margins
  • font door typeface
  • spacing between lines
  • the alignment of the text
  • the indentation of paragraphs
  • the end of sentences with appropriate space
  • where do you place page numbers?
  • where do you place the title page?
  • what is contained in the title page?
  • is there a way to set out the section headings?
  • how do you present any tables and all illustrations?
  • is there an order in which you present the different sections?
  • how do you bind your science term paper?

As you can see there are many aspects to the way a science term paper is formatted. Sometimes the difference between MLA and APA guidelines is very small. In fact in some cases they may be identical. But don't forget that in some cases your teacher may have a specific request. This individual request would override whichever set of guidelines you are following. Tricky but it is not impossible.

What is required when creating a science term paper is exactly what is required in any other paper except that the revision takes on far greater importance. Yes, you must obviously check the spelling, syntax and punctuation of your science paper. You must check that you have answered the question and stuck to the topic. But you must at the end also go through the various format points and be doubly sure that you have done everything as requested. Once you follow the guidelines and repeat the process in future papers, you will find it becomes a much simpler and easier thing to do. You will automatically set margins, select fonts and such things as page numbers and details of the title page.

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