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10 Ideas For Students Looking For Argumentative Research Papers Topics

Pick a topic that you feel inspired about

In order to get the best results from your paper, it is a good idea to pick a topic that you feel really inspired about. If you’re passionate about the topic, then it is likely that you can make your arguments as convincing as possible. It is important to remember not to get lost in your argument, though, which means proofreading and editing, to ensure that it is as logically ordered as possible.

What parts to include in your essay

For a simple argumentative research paper, you may include the introduction, which will outline the point of view that you are taking. You may then have the body, which will include any arguments you are making. Finally, you must include the conclusion, which brings together the rest of the essay. It is also possible that you may include other sections, such as any references, research methods or even an abstract.

Some essay titles that you could use

  1. Is it ever right to carrying out testing on animals?
  2. Immigration is good for an economy and more should be done to facilitate it
  3. Capital punishment should be used more often
  4. Prison sentences should be abolished for minor crimes
  5. Advertising is more about manipulation than it is about providing information
  6. Drugs should be legalised in the United States
  7. Cigarettes are more dangerous than heroin and should be made illegal
  8. Domestic violence against men is as big an issue as it is against women
  9. Mobile phones should be banned on public transport
  10. Life prisoners should be offered the right to die

Finding past essays and adapting the title to suit your style

Whether you wish to use any of the examples above, or titles from previous essays, you can adapt the title to suit your needs and style. When looking for past essays, there are many websites offering free papers based on a wide range of styles, including the argumentative style. You’re also likely to find papers covering a wide range of subjects, from history to economics and philosophy to psychology, as well as everything else in between.

Either you can adapt the title to argue the opposite, or you can make minor changes and replace various words so that it represents more accurately the statement and arguments that you wish to make.

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