Term paper writing tips and samples

3 Tips for Writing A Term Paper

Your first step is to decide on a unique and interesting topic. For example, if you just finished reading George Orwell's 1984, you can write about whether America has the same freedoms it had over 50 years ago and if not, mention whether the country has become a big brother society where everything you do is monitored and where the government and law enforcement officials abuse their power in ways that are similar to the book. Once you gathered the research you would come up with a thesis statement such as America is reflecting the society that was mentioned in the drink.

Have An Interesting Opening

The teacher may get bored with your term paper if it doesn't have a good opening. You want to have an introduction that is unique and that will lead in to the main topic of the term paper. For example, if you're writing a term paper about the trend of college radio stations shutting down due to lack of funds and the rise of Internet radio, you can share a story of how you first started listening to jazz while listening to a college radio station and you're now a jazz disc jockey at the same station.

Stick to The Topic

Some people get off track when writing their term papers and as a result the paper looks like a group of main topics bundled together, confusing the reader. You can avoid this by sticking to your topic and if your topic is too broad, look for a way to narrow it down to something you can write within the required word count. If you wanted to write about the Protestant Reformation but find that it is a huge topic, you can write mainly about how what led to the murders of famous leaders in the Protestant Reformation by Catholic leaders.

Always Include A Works Cited Page

Every term paper must have a works cited page and this is important because the teacher will want to know where you got your research from and he wants to make sure that you didn't plagiarize your work by simply copying large batches of materials and pass them off as your own. When you compile the works cited page, type it according to the required format and save it to your USB drive in case you need to make corrections.

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