Term paper writing tips and samples

A basic term paper should have these sections

When you are writing your basic term paper, you should be aware of its various parts. In this essay, five distinct parts of the basic term paper will be covered—the title page, the introduction, the body or supporting arguments, the conclusion, and the references page. Pay close attention in class; your instructor may require additional parts be added to the paper. It is important to take sufficient notes and do the required reading necessary to insure your best work. And, smile. Things could be a lot worse.

Starting Out

Your introduction

Introduce your reader to the issue at hand in an interesting way. Include background information. Include a little bit about why you decided to choose the topic you did. Offer the argument and your proposed solution. Remember, sometimes you only have a few minutes to grab your reader. Surprise them in the first solid lines of your paper. Chances are they will continue reading. Finally, be sure to summarize what it is the paper is about and what it attempts to accomplish.

In the Middle

The Body

This is where you will supply all the details of your research. This is where the two sides of a critical debate are noted and discussed. Be certain that your research comes from reliable sources and that it relates specifically to your thesis statement or topic. Sometimes, writers include charts, figures and other materials in this section. This is also where you will analyze the data from various angles in order to come to the next part of the term paper, the conclusion.

The End-Game

Your conclusion

Generally speaking, this section of the paper allows you make an argument, solve a riddle, or back up your thesis. Your conclusion should be interesting and to-the-point. Some instructors feel it is important for students to restate the thesis in the concluding paragraph. Again, be sure to listen in class and to take complete notes. Sometimes, it is effective to conclude this section with a question or suggestion that will generate more research, discussion and debate about the given topic. Mainly, this is a summation of all your major points. Be sure to be thorough.

Note: Do not forget a references page. In this section, you will list all the books, pamphlets, articles and magazines you used as reference materials for your term paper. Ask yout instructor if this section is unclear. And good luck.

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