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A Manual On How To Write A Medical Research Paper

Writing a medical research paper is not as tough as it may seem. If you research well and plan then you can easily pull it off. However, it is very important to understand that a research paper is different from an essay or an article. A research paper is written in a certain format either APA or MLA. It requires research of the existing material and history of the topic. The writer has to stay professional and follow an academic style. An essay can be humorous but a research paper has to be formal. Things that you should keep in mind, while writing a medical research paper are as follows:

Stay brief and precise

A research paper needs to be very precise and to the point. It is not a narrative essay or a fiction novel where you can write long, unnecessary sentences. Make sure every sentence you write is unique and adds value to your paper

Use accurate English

It is very important that you use the correct forms of verb and choose the right vocabulary. Use accurate English while writing a research paper

Be careful while using jargons

During your research, you will come across medical terms and jargons that are less common. You might get accustomed with them during the writing phase but they will be new for your readers. If you use a term that is less common then make sure to include its meaning or index it in the end of the paper

Follow a proper format

Every university or college has own standards for formatting a paper. If all papers follow the same format then it is easy to compare and mark them. The teacher can easily locate the title and headings in the paper. if you do not follow the format then your paper might get rejected.

Avoid repetition and fluff

Repetition and fluffing of words can make your paper lose its impression

Do not make grammatical and spelling mistakes

A high quality paper is free of grammatical and spelling errors. Make a habit of proof reading your paper after writing it

Do not copy from others

Copying is very bad habit and can even lead to worse consequences. You can even be suspended from your university if plagiarism is detected in your paper


  • Include valid and authenticated data
  • Write a strong introduction
  • Be clear in the conclusion

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