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Research Paper Introductions and Conclusions Are Crucial

One of the first things you probably learned in English class about writing a research paper is that the introduction and conclusion are the most important parts of the paper. Each section has its own set of qualities that will make your research paper stand out and it is important to know what these qualities are. Contrary to popular belief, and introduction and a conclusion are not the same things. Although they may share a similarity or two, they are different and each one has a unique way it needs to be written.


The goal of the introduction is first get the attention of the reader. This can be done by beginning with an unknown fact, a joke, or even a quote. You want the reader to want to continue reading the research paper. Once you hook them in, the second part of the introduction is to state a thesis and give a brief outline of how the paper will flow. The last thing you want is a disorganized paper that someone has a difficult time reading and understanding. Depending on the length of the paragraph, you may want to throw in a few key facts, but nothing that will take away from the body of your research paper.

It may take a few times to write a strong introduction. Some people wait until their entire paper is finished before they write their introduction. If the facts in the paper have changed, then the introduction will have to change.


A conclusion is supposed to sum up everything the paper said, just in different words. It brings the entire paper together and should really get the reader thinking about the topic. In a conclusion, a call for action is sometimes thrown in. This call for action tends to be asking the reader how they feel about the situation or whether or not their opinions have changed after reading the research paper.

The conclusion paragraph will be shorter than the introduction and is tends to be much easier to write. A powerful and effective conclusion will have the reader either asking questions to educate their selves further on the topic, o it will have the reader thinking outside of the box about the topic.

It is important to emphasize that the introduction and conclusion need to be strong, not just one or the other. Once you captivate the reader with the introduction, you have to make sure you keep their attention until the last sentence.

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