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Tips and tricks for those who look for science topics for research papers

As always the choice of topic for your science research paper is vitally important. The usual things apply. Do you have an interest in this particular topic? Better still do you have a passion for this particular topic? Is this an unusual topic to choose for your science research paper or has every other student in your school or college written about it already? Remember that if you have a background in this particular topic or plan to study this topic in more detail later in your course, you are at an advantage.

Remember too that the research paper involves research. This is not an essay you will write off the top of your head. You will need to carry out significant research and you will need to show evidence of your research in your writing. The deeper and more widespread your research reading, the easier it is to write your research paper.

One excellent tip in choosing a science topic for your research paper is a possible new angle on an old topic. You've already been told that choosing a topic which has been written about by many other science students is usually not in your best interests. The person examining your research paper will groan inwardly when they see yet another essay on this topic. But that won't be the case if you find a unique approach or different angle to the topic. Look for it and make your research paper stand out.

Remember that your thesis statement is the key to your successful research paper. Take your time in creating your thesis statement. The strength and the brevity of this statement will drive the writing of your research paper. Here are a suggested list of possible science topics. If any of them captured your imagination, feel free to expand on them.

Remember that you could always brainstorm a topic which can have extra benefits. It might create further related science topics or just as importantly, a new or different angle on that particular topic.

  1. There are still unexplored places on our planet to discover.
  2. Why is the platypus a unique mammal?
  3. What is the origin of the Ebola virus?
  4. With today's public transport, we have gone back to the days of old.
  5. Why do some people choose a life of solitude with a particular religion?

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