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Overused Physics Coursework Topics To Avoid

Writing of essays presents a number of challenges to students. Quite often than not, when students are faced with the task of writing an essay most of them would opt for the easy way out. While others would actually struggle and write the essay on their own, some students would opt to enlist the services of professional academic writers to write the essay for them. Others would look for already written essays and rewrite them. This however presents a problem to students for example physic students. There has been a tendency for students taking physics lessons to use some common topics when writing their essays so much such that lecturers and examiners are requesting the students to avoid using those topics. The topics include:

  1. Saturated topics
  2. The student should avoid writing on topics that have undergone through so much saturation as a result of being researched on consistently. Even if the student is fascinated by it, the student should desist from writing about principles and laws as long as they have been written on by other writers. This is because it will just be a replication of what others have done. For example writing an article about Newton’s law of gravity is something which students should avoid. Another such topic would be; “understanding the Archimedes’s principle”. Such topics are practically beaten to death and they can be found not only in lecture notes but also in text books.

  3. Vague topics
  4. The writer should avoid writing on vague topics. This is because not only does it make the research to be difficult, it makes the reader wonder if the writer understood what was expected of them in the first place. Topics such as the sun, water, bicycles, medical radiation are vague topics that have not only been researched hundreds of time, but the writer would take ages just to write on them. The student should instead approach the topic from an angle for example “effects of technological advancements on medical radiation”. By doing this, the student would be able to have a good topic to write on.

  5. Textbook topics
  6. A common practice for physics students when writing their essay paper is to select a topic based on scientific formulas. The students try to prove or disapprove a formula that has already been conclusively researched on and proven or disapprove. This would present a problem to the student because he or she would only be using other researchers work and nothing of their own.

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