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Research paper writing: Differences Between Primary And Secondary Sources

Creating of research papers, custom term papers or essays, most students cannot tell the differences between these two sources of information. This may actually result in problems when creating essays especially when creating essays that require primary sourcing of data. The best known way of meeting requirements of any research paper or essay is first understanding what kind of sources you will need to use, which translates into understanding the what entails of each.

Primary sources

These sources mean that the article or book is original and is created by either a group of people or individuals. What are the various types of primary sources that can be used? One surprising thing is that even a novel is part of a primary source of data. Another example of a primary source of data is an artist’s painting works. A photocopy of the painting will automatically rule it out of the primary sources of data. It will be classified as secondary considering the fact that it has been reproduced. Other examples of secondary sources include; films, letters, plays, short stories, photographs, poems, court cases, photographs journal articles, speeches and newspaper events. For instance, a speech by President Obama would be a primary source of information.

Precisely, primary sources are firsthand information from a person or source. A diary would be a primary source if it is written by the diary owner. An interview can be classified as a primary source if the writer talks discusses the topic what he understands in the topic. Every primary source should have first hand information on anything ranging from court records, diaries, experiments, original information and research.

Secondary sources

These are reproduced material sources. Any source that has been reproduced from primary sources is a secondary source. Secondary sources work to interpret, analyze and discuss information that has been written for the first time (primary).If a journalist wrote a president’s speech in a magazine then it would automatically cease being a primary source. This is due to lack of originality though it is still the same speech. In other words, secondary source writers write their work with primary sources serving as a basis. For example, if a writer wrote on a topic like a painting hanging on an art gallery, it would be considered a secondary source because it’s talking about the original art. Examples of secondary sources include encyclopedias, books, articles, journals , reviews, dictionaries and specific essays.Most papers that are secondary in nature have been built around a given study or research.

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