Term paper writing tips and samples

How do I write a term paper? - "A confession of a professional writer"

Can we gain some tips from professional writers to help us with our academic term papers? The answer is "YES", because they happen to have the same obstacles the rest of us do when taking on a writing project. Some of these include procrastination, lack of inspiration, struggles in conveying what they mean, and even the occasional outbreak of the much-dreaded writer's block.

So let's get some advice from professional writers to see what they struggle with most, and how they overcome those challenges.

Do you ever struggle with procrastination?

Answer: Yes, of course I do! But I have found that procrastination is a result of bad time management. I actually love writing, so the only reason I would ever procrastinate is if I have burnt myself out by cramming too much work into a small segment of time. My advice to students would be to break their work up into manageable sections and to take lots of breaks between writing and research.

How do you get inspired to write something from scratch?

Answer: Inspiration never comes when your fingers are on the keyboard, ready to go at it. Whether you're coming up with a topic, an outline, or trying to squeeze out paragraph content, I would suggest sitting for a while before you start, and conceptualizing what you want to write. In a relaxed state, you are likely to come up with something brilliant.

Is putting words in the right order a skill I need to learn before I can write my term paper?

Answer: The problem with sentences that don't make sense is that they were written in a hurry. Students who are unsure of a sentence structure should consider rewriting it in various ways until they find the one that conveys the point best. That one sentence could be the difference between a B and an A. That's what I would do anyway.

How do you overcome writer's block?

Answer: Writer's block is a real thing that plagues all writers. My last resort - after trying all other methods of cure - is to watch a video on the subject I'm writing about. I often watch something relevant I've found on YouTube and within less than a minute, I find my feet, hit pause, and type a paragraph. YouTube is like my vitamin B injection for writing.

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