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Unusual World History Topics For A Research Paper

There are so many areas to explore in world history. When trying to narrow down your choices for one research paper one must attempt to be as unique as possible. Most topics in world history have been written about at one time or another, by an author, student, or research team. It is hard to select an area of world history and not find some dissertation, presentation, or paper which covers the topic in exhaustive detail. If broad world history is the subject, you really have a wide range of issues you can examine, and you must be as different and special as you can, creating a topic that has some previous work on it, but also leaves enough room for you to add some original thought and discussion.

Narrowing down the region

The first decision must be on what area of the world you will focus. Will you select United States, European, or Asian history? There are many exciting topics for all regions, but it must be understood that some parts of the world have been civilized and inhabited longer than others.

Selecting a time period

The next decision is to narrow down your time period or era. If you have chosen America as your region you can select after the American Revolution or before, starting with the discovery of the land. Other cultures will offer a broader scope of eras, like England and China.

Decide on an issue

There are many issues on which to concentrate. You could focus on politics, foreign n policy, or the economy. You could explore social issues like marriage, family life, or population tendencies. It really does not matter. It all depends on your assignment, and the length of the paper. If you are left with little guidance, your selection should be as detailed as possible. For instance, what was the influence of woman in early American history? More specifically, how did woman help shape the ideas and thoughts of the more vocal and visible men in their lives? If you look at the movie Lincoln, at the end you will see Congressman Stevens climb into bed with his African American partner. A question can be raised, how much this was an influence on his fight to end slavery in our country? And, how many other ideas pushed by a man, actually started in the brains of woman?

This is just one example of a small detail, such as the romantic involvement of a Congressman with an African American, turning into a research paper.

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