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Microbiology Research Papers: Supporting Details

Microbiology research papers are just like any other research papers. They need a thesis statement, a body, a summation and a reference page. Microbiology and every other scientific paper you will have to write should follow the APA format. This is the standard for scientific and medical papers.

Thesis Statement

The thesis statement should be what the main focus of your paper will be about. It should be a theory that you are putting forth in a clear and concise manner. It should be a very narrow focus too.

Supporting Details

The supporting details should each have a bullet point in your outline. These details will be things that you have found through your research that back up or support your thesis statement. Each one should have an in-text cite for the source.

These supporting details should each have at least one paragraph written about them. They can have more than that though if needed.


This will be the last part of the paper itself. It should explain how your thesis statement is proven or supported by each one of the supporting details. It should not include so much detail that a reader can duplicate your process but enough that it is explained.

Reference Page

This is quite possibly the most important part of any paper. This is the page that comes after the summation and it should be titled References. Here, you will list each and every single one of your references in alphabetical order according to APA rules and formatting which we will not go into here. You can find examples of the style and format at many web sites.

Why is the reference page so important?

If you do not cite all of your sources then you may be accused of plagiarism. If you are accused of plagiarism you will fail the paper and the class automatically. This may then be followed by expulsion from school. Furthermore, because plagiarism is a criminal offense you may be jailed and fined.

By following the simple steps outlined here you will find that the supporting details and indeed your entire paper will just fall into place naturally. When you make an outline effectively, you should be able to plug the supporting details in like it is a fill in the blank kind of thing.

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