Term paper writing tips and samples

Vital Advice On How To Find A Fresh Topic For A Term Paper

Consult your seniors

The seniors in the university are a great place to ask for help with research papers, academic writing, or even extra curricular activities.

Ask your teachers to guide you

Never hesitate to ask your teacher for some assistance. Teachers are always there to guide their students with anything they need. If you do not understand something about the topic selection, you can simply go to your teacher and ask them. You might even create a rough draft for your topic and show it to your teacher for some guidance.

Look in a library

You can visit a library to find past research papers on similar topics. You will find a certain papers that are relevant to your subject. You do not have to copy their idea. You just need to look at how they have composed their topic. See the sentence structure they have used and the idea and inspiration they took for their paper.


After you have completed the research process, you should take a day off and relax. Go out for a movie, stop by at a friend’s, watch an inspirational movie, enjoy light comedy, go for walk, or sleep over it. Do whatever makes you comfortable and start with a fresh mind. The next day, find a peaceful corner for yourself, sit down with a pen and paper, take a deep breath, and start the brainstorming process. One idea will lead to another and soon you will have a list of ideas to choose a topic. You do not need to worry about the logical argument of your idea during the brainstorming. Some ideas may not be relevant but do not stop your brain in the middle of thinking process. Let it go with the thoughts and you can always edit in the later phases.

Create a catchy topic

After you have done all your research and brainstorming, you can then create your topic. Make sure to phrase your topic in a way that it seems engaging and can hook your audience. The purpose of a good topic is to make people curious about what is inside it. Always try to start your paper with a catchy topic that will sweep your audience off their feet. You may stick to the best topic you have in the list or merge two topics to create a unique topic for your research.

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