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Being an Expert in Selecting History Term Paper Topics

Some aspects of history can be really boring but there are some significant events that changed the world and are very important to know.  The key to writing a great term paper on history is finding the right topic; your paper will excel above the rest if it is on an intriguing topic.

Choosing a Topic

  • By now you know the basics of what you learned in your history class, so use that knowledge to pick your topic.  If you are interested in something you learned early that year, do it on that.  If you like the topic the research and paper will be easier to do.
  • If you are assigned topics, go through them and pick out a couple that you like and do some research on them to narrow down which one you want to use. 
  • You want to make sure that you pick a topic that has enough information for your paper.  If you pick a topic that doesn’t have enough, you won’t have content for your paper. 
  • If your topic is broad, narrow it down to one event.  This will give you one thing to focus on and give your paper a more concise feel.
  • Don’t just regurgitate the same information that you learned in class, go above and beyond with your paper, that is why you are being assigned it.

Writing the Paper

   Now that you know how to pick your topic, how should you start to write it?

  • The first thing you should do is start researching, find everything you can about the topic you have chosen.  From there you can narrow down what your paper will be about.
  • Next, make an outline of specific points that you want to cover in your paper.  Doing an outline will get your ideas organized and keep you from going off subject.
  • Sit down and write the first draft.  Don’t think too much when you are writing this, just keep going until you get to the end.
  • Read over your first draft.  When you are reading over your first draft you are not only looking for errors but you are also looking for holes in your research and figuring out if it makes sense.
  • Rewrite the first draft.  After you have figured out what is wrong with it, fix it and write the second draft.
  • Edit and proof the second draft and rewrite.  Editing is usually the last step to perfecting your paper but you still might have to rewrite it a couple more times.  Writing is rewriting.

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