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Impact Of Information Technology

In 2010, a study carried out in Boston MA in conjunction with SAP ( a global software solutions provider) showed 800 Senior Public Executives stating that Information Technology would be pivotal in transforming the Public Sector to provide improved quality of service and delivery channels. In the UK the NHS is carrying out a multi-billion $ business transformation program that is centred on improved Information Technology systems. It has been dubbed the biggest single IT project in Europe. Adopting the innovations in technology provides significant education and training challenges for Public Sector workers. Many of the integrated enterprise planning solutions like SAP and Oracle are extremely complex and required highly educated and skilled operatives. The ability for Public Sector organizations to adapt to changing business environments and increase the flexibility of their approach will be pivotal in determining the degree of success.

Garson has pointed out that there is a significant gap in IT education, within the US Public sector, and this could pose a significant threat to health and safety. He cites particularly those involved in vital services industries like Hospitals, Social Services etc. The US Government spends billions of $ on the IT components of the US Public Sector budget but there still remain vital areas of concern or deficiencies.

The revolution in IT and Communications has had a profound effect on the Public Sector leadership style. This particularly with the amount of change and business transformation projects, this has brought about. With the concept of globalization in the business world, it was necessary to find new approaches to deal with organizational change in a turbulent environment.


It is clear that the effective Public Administrator requires a number of different skillsets in order to succeed in this rapidly evolving business world. Emphasis has been made on the importance of transformational leadership skills in order to manage public sector business transformation projects. The additional need for extensive appreciation of IT and communication skills as a toolset in order to implement transformation projects. The need to have strong persuasive skills and group dynamics / team building skills and to understand the ethical and social responsibilities that accompany the administrative role of providing both client satisfaction and public service.

Communication skills also embed the need for the ability to interpret and communicate public policy documents. Political agendas can often interfere with the smooth running of administrative routines and as such, procedures need to be both flexible and adaptable to meet varying changes in requirements. This can often involve a delicate balancing act that requires the will and fortitude to deal with changing circumstances in sometimes difficult environmental conditions.

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