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Turabian research paper format guide

Fortunately there many online documents containing tips for anyone seeking a Turabian research paper format guide. Using your web browser you will find some well-presented samples of how you should document your research paper.

In a nutshell there are four major components for your Turabian format guide. They are as follows.

  • title page
  • text
  • illustrations or tables
  • bibliography

The whole point of using the Turabian format guide is that people who read your research paper are used to seeing material in that particular layout. It makes their job of reading your research paper so much easier and let's face it, this is what you want. You must have a well presented and true to format paper.

Details of the format

You must have a title page. This clearly identifies your work showing the title of your research paper which is placed about one third down the page in capital letters and is centered. Towards the bottom of your title page on separate lines you will place your name, details of your department or course details and the date.

The text is just that, everything you write between the title page and the bibliography. There are certain rules when using the Turabian format guide. Double space all text with first line of every paragraph indented one tab. This is usually about five spaces. Do not put additional blank lines between paragraphs. Numbering the pages or pagination is also important. The first page of your text starts with the 1 and all page numbers are placed in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

Your research paper will include illustrations if they are relevant to the topic. Illustrations appear on the page immediately after the text with the page labeled illustrations. If more than one page of illustrations is required, make sure that you do not use more than two illustrations per page and every illustration must be accompanied by the relevant caption. Use the best possible images.

A bibliography is very important because it shows the examiner or reader of your research paper just how widely you have read in preparing your work. Like the pages set aside for the title and illustrations, you label the page at the center and top with the word bibliography in capital letters.

You add entries to your bibliography in alphabetical order using the last name of the author. You need to know about single spaces with a blank line between entries and also hanging indents. There are lots of examples of how to set out your bibliography online.

The above is a brief overview of a Turabian format guide for your research paper. Getting the content of your paper right is vitally important but so too your presentation also must be accurate.

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