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Writing a Research Paper: Persuading People

Research papers are essentially a summary of the writer's collected thoughts about any given subject that they've taken the time to extensively research.

These papers present the cumulative result of applying their own personal knowledge and opinions against the information collected from many resources. As both argumentative and analytical research papers, writers use the medium to present collected information about many topics.

The argumentative research paper, in particular, argues the thesis statement of any given paper. The main statement, essentially the subject of the paper, is the topic, to which an argumentative paper argues the idea behind it. Persuasive research papers follow much of the same as argumentative papers, though with an air of convincing the reader to agree with their presented point of view.

Persuading people

In persuasive (argumentative) research papers, the writer has to present their stance on a given subject, in a way that will persuade the reader to believe or agree with them.

Many persuasive research papers present their collected facts and thoughts in a way that aims to convince. That's the main goal that writers of a persuasive research paper should achieve. Oftentimes, persuasive research papers approach their thesis statement from both sides of the presented issue, which helps make their main argument more convincing in the end.

Form a convincing argument

One of the hallmarks of writing a persuasive research paper involves building a convincing argument for readers. Writers can achieve building a persuasive argument in the following ways:

  • Collecting proven facts. Actual, realized facts are the easiest way to convince people of a specific viewpoint presented in a research paper. These facts are usually derived from live references, published references and personal observations.
  • Published figures. Published, often numerical figures help convince readers of innate facts in a persuasive research paper. When properly referenced, they can effectively inform readers of the facts about certain subjects.
  • Quotations from respected sources. Often, public quotations from many resources can add more credibility to a persuasive research paper's main argument. Quotes from known publicly speaking experts often make the cut.

Writers can also form a convincing persuasive research paper if they know how to successfully and convincingly argue their main point. If planning to write a persuasive research paper, the writer themselves should take the time to read more about their issue, that way they have a better understanding of the subject they're attempting to convey to an audience.

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