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Conducting A Solid IB Extended Essay

The IB Extended Essay Can Be Tricky

The IB extended essay is a high pressure assignment that can make or break your attempt at earning an International Baccalaureate degree. You must earn high marks in your IB extended essays, regardless of your topic or major area, if you are to succeed in the program and be granted a degree that meets far reaching international standards.

In order to pass your IB extended essay, you must submit a perfectly written, error free paper of at least four thousand words (frequently more), that reflects an extensive research undertaking, in the service of answering a specific and interesting research question.

Your evaluation committee will review the quality of your paper and your writing, as well as the uniqueness of your research hypothesis and the caliber of the research you have amassed in order to answer that question. Your paper will also be evaluated for the quality and persuasiveness of your rhetorical arguments and the extent to which you have edited your prose.

How To Conduct a High Quality IB Essay Project?

You should being the IB writing process by thoroughly engaging in preliminary planning. Make a list of the research areas you are considering, and break each topic area into several discrete and highly specific smaller subtopics. Ask your writing mentor or IB instructor for some assistance locating good sources for research on the topics you are studying. Use online research databases to locate journal articles and book chapters; use your library, Google books, Amazon rental, and other source to find texts on the subjects.

Start with Strong Research

The key to novel, interesting, and important research is having up to date research sources. Use the latest editions of texts only, as many scientific breakthroughs may have accumulated since the last edition was printed. Look at current editions of research journals, and do not go too many volumes back into the past. Contact professors who study the subject you are interested in and ask if they would be willing to be interviewed informally about their work, as it pertains to your hypotheses.

Prewrite to Create a Better Paper

Once you have a good idea of what your research topic will be and what the primary findings are that you will be writing about, you can start to prewrite your paper. You should only start outlining once you have a good idea what you will be actually writing and arguing in the text. Find a way to insert all the important research findings.

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