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Easy Topics For A Persuasive Research Paper

There are some things you should know before you go to pick a topic for your persuasive research paper topic.

    Make sure you pick a topic that you already know at least a little bit about.  This will make researching and writing your paper easier.

    Your topic for your persuasive research paper will be in the form of a question, take that question and answer it.  That will be your thesis statement.

    Now take that answer and give three reasons why you answered it like that.  These will be the reasons for your main topic.  This completes the outline of your paper.

    Write down all the examples for this topic and these will be used in your paper as back up information for your main points.

    Now all that is left is to do your research for your examples and evidence that you will use for your paper. And since you already have some information this process will take no time.

Easy Persuasive Research Paper Topics

  • What do the Disney Princesses teach young girls and/or boys?  The Disney Princesses have become very popular over the years and little girls look up to them.  This topic is easy and gives you an excuse to re-watch all the Disney Princess movies.
  • How do cars that drive themselves change the way we live?  With the new invention of cars that drive themselves, this could safer but can have it’s downfalls, just like normal drivers.
  • What do you think the future of Bitcoin will be?  The new way to purchase stuff online seems like a good idea but how long do you think it will last or do you think it will ever get off the ground.
  • Do romantic movies higher a girl’s expectations of a real relationship?  This topic is great for someone that watch a lot of romantic movies and dreams of their prince charming.  But we all know that these movies don’t depict how real relationships work.
  • The ACT and SAT, do they really determine if you will do well in college?  There has been debate over if these test should be a determining factor in college admissions but do they really show how well we will do.
  • Should all schools require physical education or recess everyday for students to keep them fit?  Most school do recess everyday for elementary school but high schools only do it for every for half the year or a few times a week for the whole year.  Is this part of the reason that there is a obesity epidemic?

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