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Searching For Literature Research Paper Topics

The great thing about reviewing literature is that you can never be wrong. So, as long as you back up your argument with a few valid points from within the text, you can pretty much say anything that you like. That said, sometimes it can be tough, though, to know where to begin. So here are a few ways to find the topic that’s right for you:

  • Find your genre
  • Find your theme
  • Find your author
  • Find your style

Find Your Genre

Do you love romance? Are you into gothic romanticism? Do you like Shakespearean drama? Whatever it is, find out what style is the one for you. There’s no point picking an amazing topic in a genre that you hate. You’ll only end up regretting it and writing a shoddy, poor paper that you don’t care about.

Find Your Theme

From apocalyptical dystopias to they-get-together-in-the-end love stories, your theme is very important. There is no point picking a paper on political metaphors if you just really wanted to write about one man’s journey through life.

Find Your Author

Once you know what genre that you generally feel comfortable with, try to find your author. Picking the right author is like picking the right partner in life; it has to fit. Some authors just don’t hit the sweet spot like others do. They might be in the right genre, and they might be in the right theme, but for whatever reason, it just isn’t working. So make sure that you have an idea of whom you want to talk about, not just what.

Find Your Style

From first-person female protagonists to stream-of-conscious prose, there’s a plethora of styles to choose from. Some authors don’t like commas. Some don’t like quotation marks. Some don’t like whole sentences or regular words. Some make up their own words and some use only italics and satire. Whatever it is, find a style tat you like. Style is probably the most important aspect of any paper’s topic. You can get over a theme if it’s well written and you probably like all genres to some extent, though some more than others. But if it’s written in a way that confuses or agitates you, there’s no going back. You’ll end up tearing your hair out and your paper up before you get halfway. So do yourself a favor and use these four points together and tease out the topic that’s right for you.

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