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Top 10 persuasive 6th grade research paper topics

When choosing a persuasive essay topic for a sixth grade research paper, it’s important to choose something that will provide the student with a strong position to argue. The following ten topics will do just that; students can either use these topics as they are, or can consider them a jumping off point for choosing their own topics.

Classroom and School Topics

  1. Choose a field trip which the student thinks would be both fun and educational. Research and write about the field trip in an attempt to persuade the administration that students should be able to go on a trip to this location.
  2. Think of a way in which the school could be more “green,” whether it’s using less paper, saving energy by using less electricity, or so forth. Research how this could be accomplished and persuade the administration to try this idea.
  3. Consider a charity organization that the student would like to support, and research the organization. Come up with a fundraising idea which would be educational for the participating students, and convince the teacher to try this out as a class project.
  4. Think a way in which a tutoring program using volunteers could be implemented, and persuade the teacher to allow student tutors to help their classmates, one on one.
  5. Neighborhood topics

  6. Think about a group volunteer project that could help improve the student’s neighborhood—community gardens, playgrounds, and parks could be some ideas to start with. Research what would be necessary and convince the neighborhood to take part.
  7. Think about a recreational activity which would help neighbors have a stronger relationship with one another—like a neighborhood basketball tournament or barbecue. Convince the neighborhood to make it happen.
  8. City/Town Topics

  9. Write a well-researched proposal for installing bike racks in practical locations around town to encourage locals to bike more and drive less—think of environmental benefits as well as health benefits.
  10. Write a proposal for offering free technology based classes for older adults, possibly at a local senior center. Think about how this could strengthen relationships between people of different ages in the town, as well.
  11. Consider the damage wrought on the environment by the use of disposable plastic bags. Research alternatives, and persuade the city to ban them.
  12. Research recycling in the area and persuade the city to make it a requirement that residents separate recyclables from trash.
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