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Gathering Statistics for Sociology Research Papers

There are some sociology students who may question the value of statistics. You only have to watch the television news or certainly the television coverage of any democratic election to understand the relevance and importance of statistics for sociology. There is a definite and valuable link between the two items.

It is clear that sociology is a form of science. Science to a large extent uses statistics. A sociologist in trying to make a clear and definitive statement about human behaviour, about social problems and interactions, will rely heavily on statistics to make some or all of their points.

A sociologist needs to use scientific methods in studying and reporting on their findings. Statistics form a very important part of any scientific study. In sociology it is commonplace to present a single hypothesis and then seek to examine and test that hypothesis by placing it in a position of observation. To make that observation successful and to be able to see if the hypothesis is true, requires access to carefully collected and presented statistics.

A branch of mathematics

It can be argued that statistics are a branch or a form of mathematics. This is obvious when you consider that in sociology you collect large amounts of numerical data. Without this vast amount of numerical data, these statistics, the sociologist is unable to come up with conclusions about the way people as individuals and as groups within society behave. Statistics, whether you wish to call them a branch of mathematics or not, are an integral part of all sociology research papers.

Of course there is a distinction between what some people call hard science as in physics and chemistry, and soft science as in sociology. But regardless of the type of science, sociology is considered to be and relies upon, just like hard science, on the collection, the testing and study of stats.

The real world and the way we humans relate to it is a complex and detailed form of science. Sociology is that form of science which studies human behaviour and relies to a large extent on the value of statistics.

Gather where you will

Anyone writing an excellent sociology research paper will quickly learn that a variety of sources both online and in printed materials may need to be discovered - you need the relevant statistics. The clever sociology student will take the time and effort to look widely and thus is able to provide solid evidence in support of their research paper.

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