Term paper writing tips and samples

How To Write A Good Draft Of A College Term Paper

Developing a topic or theme to write about

Before you can even think about writing your first draft, you need to develop a topic or theme to write about. If you already have a specific question that you have been assigned, then this is a lot easier. However, if you have to think of a topic yourself, then it is worth spending a bit of time considering the different options available to you. The more open the topic is, potentially the easier it is to find information about; however, it might be the case that this is an area that has been written about extensively before, thus making it difficult to make your essay unique. Try to find a topic which offers a balance of good research possibilities, as well as original ideas.

Do not start writing until you are properly prepared

Once you have thought of a topic, it is important to research the work thoroughly. Equally, you should develop a plan as to how you’re going to approach the work. This includes what sections need to be written, as well as the content which would like to include within each of these sections. If you can set out a timetable, this will help you when it comes to writing the work. Ultimately, it is best not to start any writing until you are fully prepared; therefore, when you actually do start writing, the whole process is made a lot simpler, and you can produce a much higher quality of work.

Getting your ideas down on paper for the first draft

When you do come to the writing stage, it can be a good idea just to get as many ideas down on paper is possible. Seeing as it is the first draft, you can expect to make many changes before the work is complete; therefore, it doesn’t matter if some of the ideas that you include do not end up in the final draft, it is just a good idea to have them available should you need them.

Writing subsequent drafts

Having written the first draft, it will then be time to write subsequent drafts. You may wish to include any new information that you discover, although you may wish to work primarily on what you already written. Essentially, you will be trying to ensure any arguments that you have made are as strong as possible.

Finalising the completed work

Having written your final draft, you will then need to finalise the work. To do so, it is vital that you edit and proofread the work thoroughly. Editing and proofreading can help to minimise any unnecessary mistakes and maximise the quality of your work.

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