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Detailed Instructions for writing an APA outline format for research paper

Writing an outline for any research paper is a good idea. When you have to follow a certain format, such as APA, then your outline can have that formatting already done, saving you time later on. Once you go to write the actual paper, you’ll already have the format in place and it’ll be much easier to finish the content of the research paper. No matter what topic you’re writing about, outlining can help you create a more polished and connected piece of writing. This article will talk about how you can do that, and instructions for APA format.

Writing an Outline in APA Format

For most outlines, you should start with the basic structure. This means an introduction, body and conclusion. Write a brief summary in each section about what need to go there. Make sure you refer to your teacher’s guidelines for this, because some teachers want you to write a topic sentence, and some don’t. You will need notes on what related ideas you’ll talk about and how they connect back to your main topic.

Here are the guidelines for writing in APA format:

  • Double space the research paper
  • Include a 1” margin on all sides of the page
  • Use 12 point Times New Roman or other readable font
  • In the header, write your paper’s title in all caps on the left side
  • On the title page, have the paper’s title and your name
  • The abstract on the next page should have a summary of your research points, topic, questions, results, methods, participants, and analysis
  • Then comes the main paper
  • On the last page, you need references of the sources you’ve used

If you have all of this together while making an outline, you can simple fill in the spaces for a first draft. Put everything in its place, leaving a single blank page to type your paper into, and then you can start writing. If you’ve done any kind of research paper before, you already know about being objective instead of subjective, not using pronouns, and always citing your quotations. Other than that, you just need to write well about your topic and convince the reader why they should agree with you.

Opinions aren’t of much use in a research paper; even use opinions of professionals sparingly unless they’re based in fact and evidence. Your research should mostly contain statistics, literature and professional results.

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