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Successful Ideas For A Term Paper In Social Psychology

Writing a term paper for a social psychology class can be a fascinating project. There are many broad ideas that can be easily narrowed down to manageable topics for writing projects. The key to finding a successful topic idea is to write about something that you actually enjoy and want to know more about. The next key to success is making sure that the term paper topic has been researched enough that you can evaluate sources and find ones that are useful. Here are a few ideas to get your started on the road to success:

  • Verbal communication. Since social psychology involves the way that humans interact with each other, verbal communication is an important topic. Language is constantly evolving, which means that not all verbal communication is quickly understood. You can also look at the differences between verbal communication styles in various parts of the world.

  • Non-verbal communication. How do we understand what people are saying when they do not say anything at all? Body language is a major form of communication and there are some gestures that are readily understood and some that require explanation. You could look at the similarities and differences between cultures and organizations.

  • Violation of social norms. People are expected to behave in certain ways, but there are always those people who prefer to step outside of the box and behave in unconventional ways. Why do they do that? How are they perceived? What does it show about the society?

  • Laws of attraction. This can apply to relationships as well as actual physical attractiveness. There have been several studies done about physical beauty and how it affects people who perceive beauty. Are attractive people more likely to get hired? Are they more likely to get better grades? Are they more likely to marry other attractive people? The opportunities to research beauty and perception are nearly endless.

  • Socializing in the workplace and in the classroom. How do people socialize at work? What similarities exist between school and classroom groups? How are groups determined at work and at school? Where is socialization learned?

Before you commit to a term paper topic, it is always best to talk to your instructor about it. He or she will help you narrow it and develop it into a workable topic that you can write about successfully. No matter what you do, pick a topic you will enjoy!

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