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Some unusual Mathematics Research Paper Topics

It’s hard enough to write an interesting paper when the topic is something like history or ancient rhetoric. Writing compellingly is far more difficult, though, when the subject is mathematics. Most people have a difficult time making the transition from abstract mathematical constructs to precise words, and this can plague the writing process. Furthermore, many people mistakenly believe math to be a ‘boring’ field with no narrative propulsion.

If you are an ardent student of math, you probably recognize that math is not an inherently dull or inaccessible subject. Much of math is beautiful, fascinating, and universal. Translating the quiet, ineffable beauty of math into written prose may still remain challenging. One way to break through is to choose an innately interesting topic for your math research paper. If the average reader is compelled by your topic, they are more likely to dispose of their anti-math prejudices and see the field as the engaging, diverse area that it truly is. Below are some suggestions for choosing a math research paper topic.

Consider Mathematical History (and Historical Mathematicians)

Math is one of the oldest academic disciplines in existence. It has a storied history populated with amazing discoveries, unpredictable breakthroughs, and even petty squabbles. There is an inherent human interest element, when you write about the history of mathematics and mathematical discovery. Most historical math experts were fascinating and even eccentric figures, often with a great deal of ego, complex relationships with other math experts, and some hilarious habits.

Study Famous Figures in Math

To infuse your math research paper with such natural interest, choose a mathematical figure or mathematical discovery that has a rich history and an entertaining cast of characters. Do some background reading on the math experts who first came across the phenomenon you are writing about. What was their education like? How about their personal life? Did they correspond with other mathematicians? Was there any competition? Did they ever achieve mainstream notoriety, and how did they respond to it? Pepper your paper with such details, as they will humanize the subject and capture the reader’s interest.

Consider the Implications of Math Discoveries

Another way to make your math research paper a bit more interesting is to inform the reader about the long term technological and historical results the mathematical phenomenon you are writing about. Did a particular discovery allow for a modern day technology that we all rely on? Did it facilitate war or cryptography? Were there important physical or biological implications? Contextualize as much as possible.

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