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Marketing Research Paper Topics And Guidelines

A research paper about marketing can be very challenging and also consume a lot of time; especially if you’re new to this. Using a great topic and following some simple guidelines can save you time as well as help the writing process go much faster. Students need to use an original and unique topic to make their paper stand out from the crowd. Don’t go online and choose a topic that other people have already used many times over! It’s better to use information online to help you decide your own topic.

Here are some ideas to get you started thinking of a unique topic:

  • Think of a snack product that’s pretty popular. What questions can you ask about this snack? Is the marketing fabulous or does it stink? Are there any controversies around the marketing angles for this snack?
  • The impact of eating fast food has spawned debates on child obesity. Some restaurants in particular could be held accountable for this growing trend. How does their marketing affect the eating choices of children?
  • What are current topics in consumer behavior as it is influenced by marketing? Some accusations have been made about using hypnosis techniques in advertising. What marketing campaigns are guilty of this and how did they accomplish it?

Guidelines for writing your research paper

Your paper should contain the following elements:

  • Should be written with depth of thought
  • The writing should be clear and scholarly
  • The paper should provide direction and focus for the readership
  • You should be clear on the scope of your topic
  • Let the reader know the importance of the outcome
  • What is the goal and purpose of your research paper?

The role and importance of the research

This may be the most crucial part of your paper. How does your research fit into the goal of your paper? What type of change will the findings and analysis of your research encourage in the audience? Have you suggested specific changes to a marketing plan? If so, have you outlined in detail the expected outcome of these changes?

Describe existing and original research in enough detail so the reader can understand the objectives of your paper. Research that is common knowledge to readers in your field need not be covered in too much detail. In this case it’s more important to focus on new and/or original research you are using to support your topic.

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