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Seven Powerful Topics For A Term Paper On Social Studies

Social studies should involve a broad range of topics that covers social sciences and humanities that cultivates the students’ civic competence. In order for the students to demonstrate their understandings on various topics and their ability to evaluate different issues, a term paper is necessary. They are required to conduct self-study and do an amount of assigned reading out of class. In addition, they should be able to demonstrate their ability to research and find sources online and in the school’s library. Academic integrity is important, so all sources need to be properly referenced.

  1. Discuss the reasons that lead to the dissolution of Roman Empire?
  2. The Roman Empire is known for its military disciple and its establishment of the largest empire in the Classical world. Its gradual downfall and the ultimate dissolution is a great topic for students to demonstrate their ability to systematically and logically present the cause and effect of these related historical events.

  3. Why and how communities are formed?
  4. Human beings are known to be social animals and it is our nature to make friends within our circles. Students should be able to describe the various types of community that is both tangible (geographical or political communities) and intangible (online communities).

  5. What are roles of women in the Second World War?
  6. Throughout the Second World War, most of the fighting were done by men. Women, left in their home countries, became an alternative source of labor.

  7. The impact of Walmart on local economy?
  8. As a major chainstore, Walmart is expected to create jobs. But would these jobs be taken up by the local residents and benefit the local economy?

  9. What are the causes of the First World War?
  10. While historical textbooks have often quoted the assassination of an Austrian prince in 1914 as the direct cause of First World War. Students need to dig deeper and uncover the historical and political reasons behind the participating countries.

  11. Discuss the impacts of gentrification.
  12. Gentrification refers to the appeal towards the tastes of middle-class. Are local communities likely to benefit from gentrification or are the locals being victimized?

  13. Evaluate the effects of public art on local community.
  14. Art is known to have a multiplier effect on a local community. But can the same be said for the local residents that live in the community?

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