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A List Of Great Research Paper Topics On Technology

Technology is a huge area of research and study nowadays since so much more of it is coming out every single day. It is growing exponentially, and there is still so much to discover in order to further our advancement as a race. It is a terribly exciting area of study and one that has plenty of areas to start tackling. Below is a list of the best topics for research papers.

  • Could we now live in a technology-free world?
  • We have lived with such a high standard of comfort and ease for many years now that we have almost forgotten what it is like to do everything by hand. Could we go back to the way the world was before the industrial revolution? This research paper would have to take careful note of the current state of technology and how much we rely on it for the way we live our lives today.

  • Should children under 10 be allowed access to their own Internet-enabled mobiles?
  • This title could be from any internet-enabled device. Many young children nowadays have their own mobiles, and, as a result, they are more and more aware, earlier and earlier in their lives, about things that are not age-appropriate. Should we put an age restriction on things such as mobiles and laptops?

  • Is genetic engineering wrong?
  • In the future, we may well be able to engineer people and animals genetically with ease. (Although we do already have the ability to engineer genetically living things, it is not yet perfected.) Would this be morally wrong? Would technology have gone too far?

  • Should internet access be a universal right? Should we make it free for everyone?
  • Nowadays, people cannot go even one day without connecting to the internet to check their emails, update statuses or do some work. For this reason, it has been proposed that internet access should be a universal human right. For this reason, should it be made free for all? Or should companies still be allowed to make customers pay for it?

  • How might future travel be different from today?
  • Public transport, personal vehicles... There are problems with the ways we travel nowadays, not least of which is the use of fossil fuels. In the future, would we have solved these problems? Can you predict the ways we will solve the issues? Will cars still exist, or will we have found something more efficient?

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