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Controversial Research Paper Topics

The key to a research paper is to really have done your research. The biggest part of this type of paper is being able to show off how much you know. Your teacher wants to see how much reading and watching and participating that you’ve done related to this topic and how you are able to give that information out through the words in your paper. Although how the words are arranged does have a big impact on the reader, it’s more important that your core information is correct and that you know what you’re talking about, even if you can’t say it in flowery prose.

Take the time to be thorough in your research, and you’ll reap the benefits of a higher grade. The thing about most research paper topics is that they’ve all pretty much been done before. This is especially true for controversial topics, because everyone wants to write about something more interesting and dangerous than the typical events such as the French Revolution. As important as events in history like that revolution are, they’ve been studied so often that some students want to do something different and stand out in their writing. Controversial topics involving morality and ethicality are the most popular because of their touchy nature.

When you choose a controversial topic that you want to write about, make sure that there’s a lot of material for you to use. When you’re writing and you suddenly need a quote or a statistic, it’s a good idea to have all those things prepared ahead of time. Start by collecting things: books, articles, journals, documentaries, and anything you can get your hands on that mentions this controversial topic of yours. Then, sit down and read, watch and listen to all of it, even twice over the good ones if you have time.

Now when you go to do the writing for the first draft, you can be sure that you have enough things to talk about from both sides and that your paper won’t get boring. This is an important step, because often organization ahead of time can save you time later on by doing all the research first. Try to do this for all of your homework, not just research papers. Although by far research papers are the most research intensive type of assignment, hence the name, there can be other homework projects that need the same kind of preparation.

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