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A Guide for Writing Research Papers: Data Section

When writing a research paper, there can be various rules to remember, as well as various sections to include. Be sure to check whether your paper should have any specific requirements – perhaps put forward by the university, or due to the subject that it refers to. For the data section of a research paper, there will be three different things that you will be attempting to establish:

  • The sources from which you gathered the data.
  • This is largely as straightforward as it sounds; although, there are some things to consider to ensure that you are writing in the correct style. Keep reading to give yourself a better understanding of how to write that data section.
  • The variables that you used.
  • The data section should include a discussion of the variables that you used. They should be discussed in relation to with the concepts that they are meant to measure.
  • The descriptive statistics.
  • The third thing to establish is the descriptive statistics of the data. You simply need to present these findings in the data section of your research paper.

With this in mind, there are various general rules to consider when writing the essay. These are largely connecting with formatting and the correct use of grammar in a research paper setting.

Citation Style

The citation style is important – as is actually citing sources so as to avoid any risk of plagiarism. Be sure to use the correct style, for example, an economics paper would commonly use the Chicago Style Manual.

Using acronyms correctly in a research paper

When using acronyms in a data section, you should always be certain to write out in full for the first time you use it. Have the acronym in brackets directly after this first use. From this point on it, rather than writing anything out in full again, you can simply use the acronym.

Which tense to use when writing a data section

The tense which you use when writing the data section of your research paper does not have to be consistent throughout the essay. If you would like to use the past tense when you are writing about the variables in your paper, then this is completely acceptable. However, it is worth bearing in mind that when you wish to write about anything related to the tables r results in your data section then the past tense should not be used – instead, use the present tense.

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