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Purchasing a Research Paper: 7 Helpful Tips

  1. Determine whether or not you REALLY need to buy your paper online.
  2. There are plenty of logical and ethical reasons why it may not be a good idea to buy your school research paper online. Before you make your mind consider carefully whether or not you are willing to assume the risks and deal with the consequences if you get caught.

  3. Know “why” you are buying you feel that you need to buy your paper online.
  4. Before you go ahead with it, identify why you feel that you need to buy your research paper online rather than write it on your own. Are you looking to improve your personal GPA? Or just meet a tight deadline? Knowing this will help you to determine what kind of writing service to look for.

  5. Set A Budget
  6. In the world of purchased documents “you get what you pay for”. A cheap or free paper is likely to be plagiarized and an expensive paper is much more likely to get you a good grade.

  7. Ask around
  8. Buying research papers online is a lot more common than you may think. Discretely ask around with your peers and see if anyone can point you in the right direction. Having someone direct you to an online writing service that they have used personally will help to confirm that the service is legitimate.

  9. Inquire Before You Hire
  10. Before you jump right in and commit to buying a paper from the service make sure that you inquire about their policies and writing services using the “contact us” form. By asking a few questions you can screen the writing service and make sure that they are honest and reliable. This is also a good way to find out more about the writer who will be providing your paper. Stay away from any service that will not allow you to communicate directly with the writers.

  11. Be Clear About You Expectations
  12. If you do have a goal in mind such as, improve your grade average OR meet a really tight deadline make sure that you are clear about that with the writing service that you are hiring. This way they can focus on delivering a unique paper to you that meets your expectations.

  13. Always Double Check That It Is Unique
  14. Finally, no matter what, before you hand your “bought” paper in for grading take the time to run it through your own quick copy-scape check to make sure that it is unique. This could save you a lot of trouble, like being expelled from school for plagiarism.

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