Term paper writing tips and samples

6 Prompts For Writing The Body Part Of Your Term Paper

The body part of your term paper consists of multiple paragraphs that reflect pertinent details related the main idea or thesis. It may include several paragraphs or several pages depending on what is required by your instructor. To help get a better idea what to expect when writing the body of your term paper consider the following prompts to help you get started.

  1. Cover Page. The cover page for a term paper may vary. Some students may not require a cover page but it helps the project as a whole look more presentable. You may have guidelines that state what information to include such as your name, title, instructor name and name of course. Content may have a specific layout to follow and there are samples available to help you create your own.
  2. Introduction. You introduce the purpose behind your term paper with the help of a strong thesis statement. Some students may write their thesis statement and introduction paragraph last after completing research and other parts of their paper. This can give you an advantage in creating a solid cohesive thesis.
  3. Body text/charts & graphs. The body of the assignment may be several pages long depending on guidelines given. This will include data from research you completed including facts and visual content such as graphs and charts. This information should support your thesis or main idea. Aside from charts and graphs, several paragraphs, headings, and subheadings will be in this area including the discussion.
  4. Conclusion. This summarizes the overall content of the term paper. You may restate the thesis or main idea here but it helps to provide information that will close the paper. This section may offer a final impression you want to leave readers. When you have learned and end result may also be discussed.
  5. Cited sources/bibliography. Any sources or materials used to collect your information may be listed here. It is important to provide this information correctly or you may not receive full credit for work completed. This section will include titles, author names, publication names, and other pertinent details that give credit to your resources.
  6. Formatting style. Your guidelines may note the formatting style to follow while writing your paper. Certain aspects such as the cover page and bibliography may follow a specific style to help present your content. APA style is most common for term papers.

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